How has S4CA made a difference?


Eric Stenzel- VP, Senior- Sayville HS, NY Chapter

"Climate activism has helped me to learn and grow as a community organizer and advocate. Through meeting with elected officials and organizing demonstrations, I have learned crucial skills for fighting climate change through advocacy. It isn't enough to just show up at the polls; you need to make your voice heard."

James Bertsch- Journalist

"The Students for Climate Action (formerly, Suffolk Student Climate Action Committee) approaches the problem of climate change in exactly the right way:  the approach is focused and is based on long-term engagement.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  S4CA knows that which is why they have been regularly attending Town of Islip meetings for the past two years.  By encouraging our leaders to adopt sustainability targets at each and every Town meeting, the S4CA has come to be viewed by the Town of Islip as an important stakeholder.  I firmly believe the Town of Islip's recent naming of a Sustainability Director would not have happened without the focus and persistence of the S4CA."

Melissa Griffiths Parrott- Founder and Director, S4CA

"This has been one of the best things I have ever been a part of.  To see the students engaged in real actions to contribute to the reduction of the effects of climate change give us all hope that we really can win this fight for climate justice. 

Harrison Bench- President, Senior- Sayville HS, NY Chapter

"This organization has provided me with so much over the past two years. I have been able to grow as an activist, public speaker, & student. For the longest time, I thought I didn’t have a voice. As a high schooler, I was never encouraged to stand up & speak out about the things that I was passionate about. But, with the creation of this organization, I learned that I can be an advocate for climate action. Our futures are at stake, & this group has emboldened me to do something about it. There are solutions out there that work for liberals & conservatives alike. If we are to solve the climate crisis, we need nonpartisan cooperation & involvement from people of all political parties. We can win, & the students can win too. Students for Climate Action has provided me the opportunity to engage in the debate & do my part to protect my future. "

Maeve Cannone- VP, Senior- Austin, TX Chapter

 “Being a part of the Students for Climate Action has truly changed my life for the better. It has given me purpose, drive and initiative. It has allowed me to realize that I have a voice and that my voice matters. I now feel that I can move forward into the world with more knowledge, speaking skills and passion for the environment and our climate than I have ever had before.” 

Sarah Hauk, Sophmore - Sayville NY Chapter

 "Being apart of SSCAC allows me to actually make a difference on an issue I formally found my self powerless in. "

Testimonials Continued..


Ed Romaine, Brookhaven Town Supervisor, New York

"Students for Climate Action are playing an important role in promoting an understanding of the dangers and challenges of climate change and sea rise. The message of supporting renewable energy and sustainability is one that needs to constantly repeated until it is heard and acted to."

Matthew Kim- President, Sophomore- Austin TX Chapter

"Students for Climate Action has given me the opportunity to channel my enthusiasm for nature and for the environment, so I can make positive changes in my community. Before joining this organization, I did not realize youth have the potential to influence policymakers. Now, I feel confident and motivated to meet with my local elected officials. Every student invloved in this organization has so much potential, and I know everyone will always put 100% into everything we do to fight against climate change."

Kiersten Bartolotta, Parent

"My daughter has been part of the Students for Climate Action (s4ca) for the past 3 years and has honestly had the incredible opportunity to change the world. 

This organization, comprised of high school students, has already made great strides in helping create progressive change in environmental issues on Long Island. These students, along with their dedicated mentor, Melissa Parott, speak with one powerful voice on the importance of reducing the impact of climate change through energy-saving solutions.  

Their influence as an organization is being felt throughout New York State.  

With their knowledge and passion, this group of students will continue to motivate elected officials to create policies that will protect our communities and move Long Island to the essential goal of 100% reusable energy by 2050.  I am proud of my daughter and the work of this group of students who are truly part of the solution in making our world a better place. 

Kiersten Bartolotta, Esq.

Jim O'Connor, Islip Town Councilman

“I have enjoyed working together with the Students for Climate Action in my role as Islip Town Councilman. The students are educated, informed, polite and respectful. But make no mistake about it; they are ambassadors of change. They are extremely passionate about their mission, and they will not be deterred. We need their enthusiasm, their passion, and their commitment, as we fight to reverse the devastating environmental consequences brought on by the impacts of Climate Change. I look forward to continuing to work together with them to be sure our homes, our blocks, our hamlets, our Township and our world makes better decisions to insure that we have future of sustainability and prosperity.”